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Matchless Polishing Compound (Cut & Gloss)

Introduction to buffing-Generally, buffing can be divided into four classifications: # 1 Satin Finishing-for producing satin, brushed finish. # 2 Cut-Down Buffing-for producing a preliminary smoothness. # 3 Cut and Color Buffing-for producing smoothness and some luster. # 4 Color Buffing-for the production of a high gloss or mirror finish. #'s 1, 2, 3, or 4 will appear next to each compound #. Use Introduction to buffing as a guide for your needs. Sold by the bar.


    GREEN ROUGE-Precious metal final finish on gold and silver. Leaves high luster with little residue. Can be applied to non-ferrous metals also to produce a high luster finish. Round bar weighs approx. 1 lb. Sold by the bar...

  • RED ROUGE # 4

    RED ROUGE-Precious metal finish for gold and silver. Luster finish, but leaves more residue than green rouge. Can also be used on brass & copper. Round bar weighs approx 1 lb. Sold by the bar.

  • 3 XXX #3

    3XXX-A finer abrasive than Tripoli. For use with brass, copper, aluminum,bronze,nickel,silver & softer metals. Leaves some degree of finish. Bars weigh approx. 1 lb. Sold by the bar.

  • Z-66-YELLOW GLO # 4

    Z-66 YELLOW GLO- Produces a beautiful high luster finish when red or green rouge is not needed. Bar weighs approx. 2 lbs. Sold by the bar.

  • GRAY STAR # 3

    GRAY STAR-Cut and color on stainless steel-Good for smoothing rough edges and scratches. Bar weigh approx. 4 lbs each. Sold by the bar.


    TSX-TRIPOLI-Fast cutting-Use for cut down buffing for all non-ferrous metals and plastics. Bars are approx. 2.5 to 3 lbs. each. Sold by the bar.