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Matchless Greaseless Compound # 1

This clay like compound imparts a satin finish to soft metals. The 80 grit leaves a heavier degree of finish, while the 320 imparts a finer finish. Washes off with soap & water. 1 bar weighs approximately 3 lbs. Sold by the bar. Greaseless compound is a perishable product. In summer weather when the temperature is above 70F it is advisable to store in a cool place, such as a cellar. Prolonged exposure to heat will cause some deterioration resulting in an excessive loss of compound when the bar is applied to the wheel. Some large users have found it desirable to store the compound in a refrigerator during the hot summer months. In the winter, keep the compound away from the radiators, excessively warm places and areas where freezing may occur. Satisfactory storage is where the temperature is from 40F to 70F. See # 1 Introduction to buffing in Compound.